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Rodent Control for $43/Month

When rodents enter your home, it’s natural to be concerned. Rodents carry a variety of diseases and have the potential to destroy the integrity of your home. Fortunately, Midwest Pest Control can help! We offer rodent control in the greater Omaha and Des Moines areas to completely get rid of rodents in your home and to prevent them from returning.


Rodent Control in Nebraska & Iowa

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Compared to other pests, rodents can cause costly damage to your home, chewing through walls, insulation, and electrical wires. We provide rodent control in Omaha and Des Moines to keep your family protected year-round. Our service is both quick-acting and long-term, preventing rodents from entering your home in between treatments.

When you partner with our Nebraska pest control company for rodent control we will:

  • Send a professional rodent exterminator to your home to provide quality service.
  • Conduct a thorough rodent inspection to identify areas of infestation and entry points.
  • Create a custom treatment plan to protect you and your family.
  • Treat existing rodents using minimally invasive products.
  • Install bait stations around your home for preventative rodent control.
  • Return for free retreatment if you are unhappy with our service.

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Safe Rodent Removal

What’s more important to us than providing highly effective rodent control is offering minimally invasive rodent control. When our state-certified rodent exterminators treat the interior of your home, they utilize rodent bait that is locked in a bait station to ensure the safety of you and your pets. These treatments are sure to provide you with a service that works and that keeps you and your family safe from harm.

Quality Service by Trusted Exterminators 

In addition to using risk-reduced products and quality preventative rodent control, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ongoing training for all of our exterminators. Our pest control experts are dedicated to providing the best service in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, so their participation in training seminars allows for the growth and learning necessary to succeed in the industry. Whenever our exterminators visit your home, they are using the most innovative methods and highly rated products on the market for your total satisfaction! 

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Areas We Service in Nebraska & Iowa

At Midwest Pest Control, we are proud to serve the greater Omaha and Lincoln areas. If you’re in search of professional rodent control, our pest control company is guaranteed to be the right fit for you and your family! We service the following areas near you:

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